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Strategic. Opportunistic. Disciplined.

A Proven Mineral & Royalty Approach Since 2004

Why Cornerstone?

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Founded in 2004, Cornerstone Acquisition & Management Company (“Cornerstone”) is a premier oil and gas mineral and royalty asset management firm based in Rancho Santa Fe, California.

Our investment approach seeks to provide conservative and intelligent energy exposure through a distinct royalties-focused strategy.

We are committed to delivering attractive yield and maximizing risk-adjusted returns throughout all points of the commodity cycle.

What We Do

Cornerstone manages award-winning investment funds and separately managed accounts centered around diverse and dynamic portfolios. Selectivity of assets is key, with an emphasis on acquiring in areas exhibiting long-life, low-declining production blended with exposure to higher-growth locations and development acreage.


Target Investments

We focus on non cost-bearing interests located onshore in prolific basins/reservoirs throughout the Continental United States.


Risk Management

Starting with investments we believe offer the best risk/return profile within private energy, Cornerstone takes risk management to the next level.

Our Company

While the oil and gas industry has undergone immense change over the past 15 years, Cornerstone’s cycle-tested investment methodology has remained constant.

Getting Started

To learn more about Cornerstone and its investment products, please contact us.